Neufund freezes all upcoming fundraising campaigns and announces a pivot in the platform’s development

The barriers built by regulators reinforced with the economic downturn made Neufund review planned campaigns and the platform’s future. The company pauses all upcoming fundraisings and starts working on a new product.

“Neufund has always fought for financial equality and open access to the capital for everyone. Current markets' regulation manifests an outdated paternalistic standard, over-reliant on the wealth of so-called sophisticated investors, which makes the investing available to a limited few. Since the beginning, it has been our business practice to actively engage the politicians and financial authorities in a dialogue about the opportunities of new technologies, which would open access to the capital for both: investors and entrepreneurs. We’ve been active participants of the discussions held at the Bundestag, engaged BaFin in a dialogue about our platform and blockchain's solutions since 2016. We’ve been patient to their months delayed decisions, last-minute requests, and announcements that harm the businesses. But the last months showed that financial authorities are not just slow, they are paralyzed with the fear of new technologies and avoid any dialogues or decisions hoping that someone else, like global corporations or other countries, would deal with it. Together with our investors, we agreed that there is no reason to wait for the institutional changes. Today we have announced the freezing of all upcoming fundraising campaigns and start working on the new product, which will let us continue bringing value to our investors and community”, says Neufund’s CEO & co-founder Zoe Adamovicz.

Neufund’s fundraising platform has connected innovative companies seeking capital with over 11 000 of progressive investors from 123 countries across the globe. To date, investors have committed more than 17M EUR through Neufund. The platform is maintained: investors have full ownership of their wallets, tokens, new post-investment activities and features are progressing.

The details about the new product will be announced later this year.


About Neufund

Founded in 2016 in Berlin by Zoe Adamovicz and Marcin Rudolf, Neufund is a fintech startup that bridges investors and entrepreneurs in a novel way. The company creates blockchain-based solutions and services, which include fundraising and investing platform, Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Manager, Light wallet, post-investment instruments, and others.

In 2018 Neufund conducted the world's first fully compliant public offering on blockchain, and hosted the world’s first blockchain IPO in 2019.

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