Funding, fundamentally reimagined.

Neufund makes investing in equities inclusive and accessible, innovative and simple. It’s for innovators and investors, in any industry, on any continent. It’s inclusive and accessible, ingenious and simple.

It’s for anyone, anywhere.

You can be an individual in Istanbul, an institution in India or a VC in Venice. And you can invest €10 or €10 million.

It’s open and easy.

No fees. No paperwork. No minimums. No meetings. No middlemen. No brokers. No borders. No barriers.

It’s doubly, digitally secure.

Regulation-compliant. Blockchain-enabled. You’re protected by traditional legal documents and Etheruem’s record.

It’s simple and user friendly.

No need to be a blockchain expert to use Neufund. Sign-up, verify account and invest swiftly and manage your assets with ease.


We like companies that like impact and innovation.

How does it work?

Earn NEU Tokens and get a piece of our pie.

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Invest with VCs, angel investors and individuals from more than 120 countries.

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  • Eric Wahlforss

  • Philipp Freise

  • Michael Jackson

    Skype, Mangrove Capital
  • Alex Lange

    Index Ventures
  • Christophe Maire

    Atlantic Labs VC
  • Udo Schloemer

    Factory Berlin
  • Frank Thelen

    Freigeist Capital
  • Dario Suter


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