Fundraising, fundamentally reimagined.

Most fundraising is exclusive, expensive, and extremely difficult. We’re changing that. Neufund makes it inclusive and accessible. Fair and flexible. Innovative and easy. And open to anyone, anywhere.

It's inclusive.

Raise capital from anywhere, and from any investors, anywhere. They could be individuals in Istanbul or a VC in Venice, investing €10 or €10 million.

It’s accessible.

We’re not unicorn-obsessed, and you don’t need to be well connected or located. Fundraise regardless of your size, requirements, geography and growth trajectory.

It’s affordable.

Traditional fundraises can cost €150,000 or more. With Neufund, you could save 70% thanks to our fair, one-time success fee: 3% of capital raised plus 2% of equity issued.

It’s flexible.

Unlimited fundraising amounts. Easy follow-on rounds. Public or private offerings. In EUR or ETH. You customize and control your investment terms


We like companies that like impact and innovation.

Fundraise with Neufund

Super speedy. Super simple. Super supportive.

Fundraises on Neufund have taken less than 4 months to complete. It’s automated and customizable, fully legal and compliant. Plus, we help you throughout your fundraise, and beyond.

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